How Does Santa Do It All in One Night? Here Are Kids’ Top Ten Theories

Santa’s got two-and-a-half more weeks to prep, and then one REALLY tough workday.  Someone talked to hundreds of kids and asked how THEY think Santa gets through all those houses in one night.  Here are the ten most popular theories . . .

1.  Special keys that can open any door.

2.  He uses the chimney.  We were surprised special keys beat chimney.  Maybe it’s because fewer people have them these days.

3.  Magic.

4.  Teleportation.

5.  He can walk through walls.

6.  He just moves REALLY fast.

7.  Lots of help from his elves.

8.  He can freeze time.

9.  He puts everyone in the world to sleep.

10.  “Gift stations” set up in every country, so he doesn’t have to carry everything with him.  So . . . kinda like Amazon fulfilment centers.  (The 11th most popular answer was other people might secretly be helping Santa get it all done.)

The poll also found 40% of kids have seen Santa, and 42% have heard him up on the roof before.