This weekend, “Saturday Night Live” did a special “at home” quarantine edition, with COVID-19 survivor TOM HANKS as the host and CHRIS MARTIN from COLDPLAY as the musical guest.

Obviously, it was very different from their normal shows, and it wasn’t “live.”

The cast appeared remotely in pre-taped, Zoom-like solo bits, from their homes.  They all called-in for a group opening, and Kate McKinnon called out, quote, “Live from Zoom, it’s sometime between March and August!”

Tom did a monologue from a kitchen or wet-bar somewhere.  He talked about his experience with the coronavirus . . . he did a silly Q&A with himself . . . and he joked, quote, “Will [this episode] make you laugh?  Eh, it’s ‘SNL’.  There will be some good stuff, maybe one or two stinkers, you know the drill.”  (Here’s video.)

For the musical performance, Chris performed a solo acoustic version of Bob Dylan’s “Shelter from the Storm”.

Larry David appeared as Bernie Sanders, explaining his exit from the Democratic primary.  It was a pretty good bit.

Naturally, there was a lot of stuff about “Tiger King”, and social-distancing skits, including one about Zoom digital meetings, which was probably VERY relatable for a lot of America right now.

There was a Ruth Bader Ginsburg workout video . . .

And a sketch mocking there being no sports.

They did a split-screen “Weekend Update“, but it was pretty awkward, especially with the added live audience noise they included.  Alec Baldwin phoned in to play President Trump . . . but he wasn’t shown.

There were two separate Pete Davidson raps, at opposite ends of the show.  (Here’s his “Drake music video,” and here’s his “Andre 2000 music video.”)


It’s unclear if there will be any more quarantine episodes of “SNL”, but it doesn’t seem sustainable to do it like this . . . with the cast basically just uploading videos of themselves trying to be funny in their own apartments.

However, even if it wasn’t a strong episode, you can appreciate the level of effort that went into just making it happen in the first place.  (You can find more videos, here.)