I’ve got some bad news . . . a bunch of your favorite summer foods aren’t that good for you.  Here are five foods you should think twice about before chowing down . . .

1.  Charred meat.  Crispy, blackened barbequed bits are delicious, but when you cook meat over super-high heat, they develop chemicals that can heighten your risk of cancer.

2.  Hot dogs.  The World Health Organization says processed meats are as bad for you as tobacco and asbestos.  And there might be a connection between colorectal cancer and food in sausage casings.

3.  Macaroni salad.  Let’s start with the noodles:  They’re usually made from refined carbohydrates that turn into sugar quickly.  Then there’s the sauce, which is mayo-based and full of fat.  And last, if this stuff sits outside for too long, you’re putting yourself at risk for a food-borne illness.

4.  Corn on the cob.  Eating corn off the cob can cause gum inflammation and extra plaque.  Plus corn is high in carbs and calories, without the benefits that other veggies have.

5.  Frozen alcoholic drinks.  They’re packed with sugar and booze, both of which are bad for you.