Here’s How to Make Your Dating Profile Stand Out This Summer

This Sunday is supposed to be the best day of the summer to find a date.  It should even be bigger than Valentine’s Day.  So here are five tips to get your online dating profile in shape before then . . .

1.  Use five to six photos.  According to a survey of 1,500 online daters, having five to six photos is the ideal number.

2.  Include a headshot and a full body photo.  At least one of your pictures should be a high-quality close-up of your face, where you’re looking at the camera and smiling.  And you should also have a few body shots, where you’re dressed up and looking good.

If you’re hesitant to post a body shot for whatever reason, here’s a good “lifehack.”  If you’re a guy, wear a nice sport coat, crisp shirt, and jeans.  And ladies can’t go wrong in a nice dress in a color that complements you.

3.  Use current photos.  Your photos should be no more than one or two years old.  It’s tempting to post photos from five years ago just because you look better, but don’t do it.

4.  Be positive in your profile.  Leave out ALL negativity.  For example, you can take out: “Do not contact me if you voted for so-and-so.”

5.  Stick to only one or two sites or apps.  If you’re on more than two, it’s too many and it’ll be hard to stay focused.