Here Are the Repairs That Millennials Admit They Can’t Do . . . Including Millions Who Can’t Change a Light Bulb

It’s hard to change a light bulb when you’ve got a lifetime of crippling debt in the way.

According to a new survey, less than a quarter of millennials say they’re GOOD at fixing things around the house.

And MILLIONS of millennials say they call for help to hang a picture . . . or change a light bulb.  The average millennial says they’ll go more than three weeks with a light bulb out before they get around to fixing it.

Some of the other jobs around the house that millennials can’t or won’t do are putting up wallpaper . . . painting . . . fixing a loose screw . . . fixing a heater . . . or tightening the hinges on a cabinet.

But it’s not all out of laziness or a lack of basic skills.  It’s also an issue of CONFIDENCE . . . 33% say someone else will do a better job fixing stuff.  And it’s an issue of TIME . . . 14% say they’re too busy.

(SWNS Digital)