Here Are All 29 Current Oreo Flavors Ranked From Best to Worst

Remember when you were a kid and there were two types of Oreos:  Regular and double stuffed?  Well, at this exact moment, there are 29 different kinds of Oreos on sale in stores.  Times have changed.

A food writer for bought all 29 varieties and tried all of them so he could rank them.  His top five are . . .

1.  Cinnamon Bun.

2.  Oreo Minis.

3.  Red Velvet.

4.  Golden Birthday Cake.

5.  Peanut Butter.

And the five worst are . . .

1.  Chocolate Cream Oreo Thins.

2.  Mega Stuf with golden cookies.

3.  Mega Stuf with regular chocolate cookies.

4.  Mystery Oreos, which are really Fruity Pebbles.

5.  Chocolate Cream.


(Here’s the full list.)