There’s a guy in Ontario, Canada named John Dickhout who’s in his mid-50’s. A few years ago, he survived a heart attack.  But his heart was so damaged, he could barely walk up a flight of stairs.

He ended up getting a heart transplant from a 22-year-old donor named Adam Prashaw, who died from a massive seizure.

Since then, John’s made it his mission to become the best person he can be in Adam’s honor.  His Facebook description even sayshe’s a, quote, “husband, dad, and Caretaker of Adam’s Heart.”

So he decided to run in a 10K this past weekend, which is something he’d never done, even before his heart attack.  And here’s the really cool part . . .

He’s become great friends with Adam’s family.  And he picked a race in their hometown, so they could be there for it.

When he crossed the finish line, Adam’s dad Rick gave him a big hug and said he was PROUD of him.  He said it even reminded him of watching Adam play hockey.

And John isn’t the only person Adam saved . . . he also saved three MORE lives by donating his other organs.

(Here are photos of Adam, John, and Rick.)

(CTV News)