Harvey Weinstein is a Disgusting Pig: Seven Randoms

1.  In 2015, an NYPD sting operation caught Harvey ON TAPE trying to coerce a woman into his hotel room, and basically admitting that he’d groped her breast the day before.  Prosecutors decided they didn’t have enough evidence to bring charges.

(You can listen to it here.)

2.  Harvey said his wife was 100% behind him.  He was wrong.  Georgina Chapman announced yesterday that she’s leaving him.  And she said, quote, “My heart breaks for all the women who have suffered tremendous pain because of these unforgivable actions.”

3.  Harvey Weinstein has been a huge contributor to liberal causes and Democratic politicians, including BARACK OBAMA and the CLINTONS.  So they couldn’t remain silent on this.

Obama and his wife MICHELLE issued a statement and said they’re “disgusted” by it, and praised the women who are coming forward.  As you may know, their daughter Malia interned for Harvey as a script reader.

And in her statement, Hillary said she was “shocked and appalled“.  (Some people are criticizing them for not commenting sooner.)

4.  MATT DAMON says he did NOT knowingly try to tamp down a sexual harassment story about Harvey in 2004.  And he claims he never saw that kind of behavior when he worked with him.  And BEN AFFLECK says he’s “saddened and angry” and sickened by what’s coming out about Harvey.

But ROSE MCGOWAN says Ben DID know . . . because she told him what Harvey did to her, and his response was, quote, “[Gosh darn] it!  I told him to stop doing that!”

4.  CHARLIZE THERON never had an issue with Harvey, but she’s not surprised.

5.  Talk about an open secret . . . Back in 2013, SETH MACFARLANE made a Harvey Weinstein joke while announcing the Oscar nominees.  (Here’s video.  If you’re not taken there automatically, skip ahead to the 3-minute mark.)

6.  Sources say Harvey thinks his brother BOB sold him out to the “New York Times” to get him ousted from their company.  Meanwhile, Bob called Harvey, quote, “a very sick man.”

But at least Harvey is supposedly on his way to some kind of “residential treatment facility” in Europe. (Or he could be fleeing the country like ROMAN POLANSKI did after HE was caught raping a 13-year-old girl.)

7.  Both Rob Schneider and Terry Crews claim to have been sexually harassed by male movie execs.  In Rob’s case, it was a “very famous director” who’s no longer with us.



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