The phrase “most magical place on Earth” just took on a whole new meaning for this guy.  60-year-old Robert Leibowitz lives in Brooklyn, and he’d been suffering from chronic kidney disease for about 15 years.

Last summer, his kidneys were only functioning at about 5%, and he’d been on the waiting list for a transplant for four years.  So back in August, he tapped into his advertising background and came up with an idea.

He made a t-shirt that said, “In Need of Kidney,” with his phone number and blood type written on it.  Then he went to Florida and wore it for a week while walking around DISNEY WORLD.

Someone posted a picture on Facebook, and it got 32,000 shares the first day.  Then he got HUNDREDS of phone calls from people who wanted to help.  Four people with O-positive blood flew to New York for more testing . . . and one was a perfect match.

39-year-old Richie Sully from Indiana happened to be donating blood when he saw the photo of Robert’s shirt on Facebook.  He left a voicemail for him that said, “I have an extra kidney, and you are more than welcome to it.”

The surgery happened last Thursday in New York.  And so far, they’re both doing great.