Have you ever googled your first name to find out what it means?  Well, speaking of Google:  They put out a list of the top baby names we’ve been googling the meaning of this year.  Here are the Top 10 . . .

1.  Cheyenne:  A Native American word meaning “people of a different language.”

2.  Astrid:  From Scandinavia.  It means “divinely beautiful.”

3.  Emma:  From German.  It means “entire” or “universal.”

4.  Luke:  From the Latin name Lucas.  It means “light-giving.”

5.  Ava:  Also from Latin.  It means “bird” or “birdlike.”

6.  Caleb:  From Hebrew.  It means “brave,” “bold,” or “faithful.”

7.  Nova:  From the Latin word for “new.”

8.  Michael:  From Hebrew.  It means “gift from God” or godlike.

9.  Theodore:  From Greek and also means “gift from God.”

10.  Aiden:  It’s Gaelic.  It means “little fire.”

(Google Trends)