Everyone’s so focused on Facebook abusing our personal data that no one’s paying attention to the fact that Google ALSO has encyclopedias on all of us.

And apparently Google’s new plan to keep us loving them is . . . they’re going to make sure you never have to interact with any customer service representatives ever again.

Google’s holding its annual developer conference right now, and they just showed off a new app called Google Duplex that makes phone calls FOR YOU.

A bot with artificial intelligence could call a restaurant where you want a reservation, or your cable company if you’re having an issue . . . and it can carry on a surprisingly natural conversation with the person there to take care of what you need.

Google says they’re going to be rolling it out as, quote, “an experiment” over the next few weeks.  But if it works like they say it does, you may never have to sit on hold or deal with horrible customer service again.

And that’s not Google’s only new feature . . . they also want to write your EMAILS for you.  You know how when you type a search in Google, those autocomplete suggestions pop up?  Now they’re going to do that with sentences in your emails.

Google showed off a test of the new AI, and honestly . . . It’s impressive.

(Google Blog / Mashable)