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Good News: Window Pizza, Medical Debt, and Antique Chairs

Here are a few more good news stories that are making the rounds.

1.  A guy in Philadelphia has been raising money for charity by making pizzas in his kitchen, and then using a pulley system to drop them to people from his second-story window.  Instead of charging, he asks them to donate to charity.  And he’s raised over $30,000 during the pandemic.

2.  A cancer doctor in Arkansas recently closed his practice to start teaching.  And on his way out, he forgave $650,000 worth of his patients’ medical debt.  He sent letters to 200 people for Christmas to let them know they didn’t have to worry about it anymore.

3.  Right before Christmas, we heard about a waitress in Maryland who got a tip for $2,020.  Turns out someone also left a “2020″ tip for a waitress in Massachusetts.

4.  A drive-thru worker in Canada mentioned to a customer that he used to go to college but had to drop out because he couldn’t afford it.  So a bunch of customers started a GoFundMe page that’s raised over $20,000 to send him back to school.

5.  Someone in New Mexico took two antique chairs from a couple’s driveway . . . then brought them back a week later after restoring them and adding new upholstery.

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