Good News: Water Bottles, World Records, and Lasting Legacies

Here are a few more Good News stories making the rounds . . .

1.  Stanley water bottles are a hot holiday gift this year, and this won’t hurt sales either:  A woman named Danielle posted a TikTok last week after her car caught FIRE.  And the only thing that survived was the Stanley tumbler sitting in her drink holder.  It even still had ice in it.  (Here’s the video.)

Now Stanley has responded by offering to buy her a new car(!!!)  The company president posted a video about it, and thanked her for showing people how tough their product is.  (Here’s his video.  They also sent her some new cups.  She did a follow-up thanking them for it.)

2.  Two world records set by teenagers made the rounds this weekend:  A 13-year-old girl in San Francisco did 38 magic tricks in three minutes while scuba diving.  And a 17-year-old girl in Colorado made nine half-court shots in a row during her lunch break as school.

3.  Talk about leaving a legacy.  Have you heard about this fundraiser yet?

A woman in New York named Casey McIntyre tragically passed away last week at 38.  She’d been battling ovarian cancer since 2019.

Before she died, she told her husband Andrew she wanted to announce it herself on social media, and use the post to raise money for a good cause, erasing other people’s medical debt.  (Here’s the post.)

Andrew posted it for her last Tuesday, with the original goal of $20,000.  According to the site RIP Medical Debt, that’s enough to buy up around $2 MILLION of unpaid bills.  But over the weekend, it blew way past Casey’s goal.

Last we checked, people had donated over $400,000 . . . enough to buy up more than $40 MILLION of other people’s debt.

If you want to donate, just go to, and search for “Casey” on their campaigns page.

(Here’s the fundraiser, and here’s a photo.)