Good News: Valentine’s Day Edition

Here’s a special Valentine’s Day edition of Good News . . .

1.  An aquarium in New Hampshire used non-toxic paint and had their otters create 25 Valentine’s Day cards, along with 10 paintings to auction off for charity.  They call the cards “Ottergrams.”

2.  The Colorado Springs Police Department held its 5th annual Valentine’s Day card contest for kids.  They get handed out to cops, and the prize for best card is always stuffed animals.  A pre-K class won this time with an American Flag-themed card.  They’re getting seven stuffed unicorns.  (Here are the finalists, and the winning card.)

3.  A couple in Minneapolis were remodeling their bathroom when they found a pair of love letters behind a wall that could be 100 years old.  Both were written by the same person, possibly a teenager who signed his name “John B.” . . . but he wrote the letters to TWO different girls.

They’re still trying to find out who “John B.” is.  But before they sealed the wall up, they left a picture of themselves in it with a note for future homeowners to find.  (Meanwhile, a reporter in Michigan talked to a guy who found a love letter from World War Two in an old tool box.)