Good News: UPS Drivers, Nice Cats, and Found Money

Here are a few more good news stories making the rounds . . .

1.  A grocery store worker in Michigan named Diane Gordon has been walking almost three miles to work each day, ever since her car died a year ago.  But last month, she found a bag on the ground with $15,000 in it, and STILL turned it in.

Police figured out the money belonged to two newlyweds who’d just gotten married that day.  One cop’s wife was so impressed with Diane’s honesty, she started a GoFundMe for her that’s now raised over 60 GRAND.

2.  A 76-year-old woman in Wisconsin lost her balance while taking out her trash last month, and fell in a freezing-cold creek.  But thankfully, her UPS driver found her, carried her inside, called 911, and saved her life.

3.  A plane made an emergency landing on a golf course near Fort Myers, Florida on Thursday, and no one was hurt.  Golfers eventually pushed it off the ninth green, so they could keep playing.

4.  Did you hear about the cat in New Jersey that got returned to a shelter for being too affectionate?  The people were first-time cat owners, and couldn’t deal with it jumping up on their laps all the time.

But here’s the good news:  The shelter shared the story online, and immediately got 50 applications to adopt him.  So he’s got a new home now . . . and the extra attention also helped them adopt out almost all of the other cats they had too.