Good News: Uber Eats Drivers, Pet Supplies, and Genius Kids

Here are a few more Good News stories making the rounds . . .

1.  An Uber Eats driver in Phoenix left a note on a woman’s Chipotle bag about how he was driving on the side to give his fiancée the “wedding she deserves.”  Now he can.

The lady he delivered to posted his note on TikTok, along with his Venmo.  It’s now been viewed over 30 MILLION times, and donations have flooded in.

Even Chipotle got in on it and tossed them 500 bucks.  Chipotle said they want to help with the wedding too, so maybe they’re catering it?

The grand total isn’t clear, but he’s gotten enough donations to cover the wedding and then some.  He and his fiancée gave the customer a nice $1,000 kickback to say thanks.  She also got an invite to their wedding this September.

2.  The founder of a rescue place in Wisconsin called Albert’s Dog Lounge recently took in a dog with a serious infection and no fur.  His name is Clyde.  His owners loved him but just couldn’t afford the medication.

Thankfully, he’s doing great now.  And it inspired a new service called Clyde’s Closet.  The rescue place put a shed outside and keeps it stocked with pet products anyone can take for free, no questions asked.

3.  A kid from Long Island is heading off to NYU this year.  Which wouldn’t be news, except he’s only TWELVE.

His name is Suborno Bari.  (Soo-born-oh Barry)  He skipped 5th, 6th, 7th, 9th, and 11th grade.  He plans to study math and physics.