Good News: Turkeys, Soldiers, and a Bag of Old Sweaters

Here are a few more good news stories making the rounds . . .

1.  Cops in Mesa, Arizona spread some cheer ahead of Thanksgiving last week by pulling people over . . . and handing out turkeys instead of tickets.

2.  A couple from Colombia just moved to Boston over the summer, and they’ve been trying to learn more about American culture.  So they posted on the app Nextdoor, looking for an American family to spend Thanksgiving with . . . and over 200 people invited them to dinner.

3.  And more Thanksgiving Good News:  An Army soldier named Shanice Smith hadn’t seen her family in two years, but surprised her mom and grandma by returning from Kuwait last Thursday.  There’s a video of them freaking out when they see her.

4.  In other Good News:  A restaurant manager in San Antonio saved a customer’s life by donating a kidney.

5.  And a 68-year-old woman in Washington state was in a nasty wreck, where her car went down an embankment that was covered in snow.  Then she got stuck out in the cold for four days, but survived . . . because she had a bag full of old sweaters in her car that her daughter had been meaning to drop off at Goodwill.  Her daughter was also the one who refused to stop looking and eventually found her car.