Good News: Tigers, Fish, and a 99-Year-Old Bowler

Here are a few more good news stories making the rounds . . .

1.  The World Wildlife Fund posted some good news to help mark the Lunar New Year this week.  It’s the Year of the Tiger, and they say WILD tiger populations are doing a lot better.  They were in decline for about a century, but they’ve been going back up for over five years now.

2.  A news station in Canada did a big profile on a woman in Saskatoon named Simone Kuchartz.  She’s 99 years old and refuses to stop bowling.  She does “duckpin” bowling, which uses a lighter ball, but it’s still impressive at her age.  She has to walk up to the line with a cane now, and still goes every week.

3.  Vets at the Columbus Zoo in Ohio did cataract surgery on a tiny pufferfish this month.  It was going blind, so they sedated it with water that had anesthesia in it.  The surgery went well, and they put it back in its tank to wake it up.

4.  “USA Today” just did a big story on a non-profit in Delaware called Maggie & Friends that makes all-natural dog treats called Waggies.

They’re special, because all of the employees who make them have Down syndrome, or other disabilities.  The woman who runs it says most of them eventually go on to work in kitchens and restaurants.  (Here’s the video “USA Today” posted about it.)