Good News: Teachers, Metal Detectors, and Long-Lost Brothers

Here are a few more good news stories making the rounds . . .

1.  A guy in California named Randy Waites was watching a weather report in December when he saw a random guy named Eddie Waites being interviewed.  And their names were spelled the same, so he wondered if they might be related.

So Randy’s daughter looked him up . . . and realized the two of them are half-brothers.  They had the same dad but never knew about each other.  And Eddie had never even seen a picture of their dad until now.  He and Randy just got to meet up in person for the first time on Saturday, and gave each other a big hug.

2.  A 52-year-old guy in England used to spend a lot of time hunting for stuff with his metal detector, but gave it up when he started a family.  But he recently got back into it a decade later . . . used a new metal detector he bought for 15 minutes . . . and found a 13th century gold coin that’s worth a small fortune.  It just sold at auction for $875,000.

3.  An elementary school teacher in Pennsylvania named Tyler Zoellner has been going above and beyond.  He gets to school early every day, just to stand outside and greet EVERY student when their parents drop them off out front.

4.  A family in Wisconsin recently moved to a new neighborhood.  And the first time they put their trash out, the bins magically showed back up at the top of their driveway the next morning.  Then it kept happening . . . and they found out a 75-year-old retired guy does it for EVERYONE in their neighborhood, just to be nice.