Good News: Teachers, Lifeguards, and a $103 Million Donation

 Here are a few more good news stories making the rounds . . .

1.  An English teacher in Michigan named Sheridan Steelman just retired after teaching at the same school for 50 years.  So everyone lined up on the last day of school, and surprised her with a standing ovation on her way out.  (Here’s the video.)

2.  A guy from North Carolina used to have a classic ’65 Mustang, but sold it years ago when he had kids and needed the cash.  So to thank him for it, his two adult children waited until he retired, and recently bought him another one.  They found a similar 1967 model and fixed it up.  (Here’s a photo.)

3.  A 70-year-old grandmother in Philly heard there was a lifeguard shortage this summer.  So she just decided to come out of retirement and take it up again.  She used to be a lifeguard back when she was 16, so 54 years ago.

4.  A Russian journalist named Dmitry Muratov won the Nobel Peace Prize last year.  It was for his work at a Russian newspaper that DOESN’T just print propaganda.  But instead of keeping his medal, he decided to auction it off to help kids in Ukraine.  On Monday, it sold for more than $103 MILLION, and he donated all of it.