Good News: Teachers, Cupcakes, and Minivans

Here are a few more good news stories making the rounds . . .

1.  An art teacher at a school in Honolulu was driving home from work last Wednesday when he saved a 100-year-old woman’s life.

Her daughter’s car was stopped in the left lane.  Then he saw her standing in the road choking.  So he jumped out, did the Heimlich, and saved her life.  It turned out she’d accidentally inhaled a cough drop.

He left when cops got there.  But his shirt had his school’s logo on it.  So the daughter was able to track him down the next day and say thanks.

2.  Chrysler is selling a new optional package for its Pacifica minivan that’s specifically for kids with autism.  It’s called the “Calm Cabin” package and costs an extra $300.  It includes things like a weighted blanket, a light-and-sound therapy machine, and a velvet seatbelt cover to make long car rides easier.

3.  A couple’s gender reveal is going viral after a whole restaurant got in on it.  They went out to dinner with their family . . . had a bunch of cupcakes for dessert . . . and one of them had either pink or blue frosting inside.

There were more cupcakes than family members.  And even after each of them tried one, they hadn’t found the frosting yet.  So they started enlisting people at other tables . . . and a random woman eventually yelled, “It’s a GIRL!”

(Here’s the video.  It happens at 1:52.)