Good News: Tattoos, Young Bucks, and a 108-Year-Old Liver

Here are a few more Good News stories making the rounds . . .

1.  A 22-year-old surfer on the Jersey Shore saved a drowning deer last week.  It got stranded on a big rock and ended up in the water.  The guy’s name is Thomas Buckley . . . a fun coincidence, because the deer was also a “young buck.”

He jumped in the water, helped get it back to shore, and the deer ran off.  Turns out Thomas just finished his sixth summer working as a lifeguard.  He’d never saved a deer before though.

2.  A woman in Canada is in the news because most of her body is 39 years old . . . but her liver is 108(???)  After she collapsed at 19, it turned out she needed a liver transplant.  And the donor was an 88-year-old man.

A news station in Montreal just did a story for the 20th anniversary of the transplant.

But she also just marked another big 20-year milestone . . . Back when she collapsed, a guy she’d just met two days earlier found her and got help.  They ended up getting MARRIED and now have three kids together.

3.  A 32-year-old in West Virginia named Chelsea Rohrbough has gotten over 375 tattoos since the start of the pandemic.  But she didn’t really choose any of them.

People on TikTok tell her about traumas in their life, and she tattoos them on herself to carry them with her, so they can let them go.  She says she has room for about 150 more.  Then she plans to pass it on to someone else to keep it going.