Good News: Super Bowl Tickets, Lost Dogs, and Helpless Deer

Here are a few more good news stories making the rounds . . .

1.  Remember the guy who broke into a school near Buffalo last month to shelter 24 people from a blizzard?  The Buffalo Bills just thanked him for it by giving him two tickets to the Super Bowl in Arizona next month.  Former Bills running back Thurman Thomas showed up with the tickets to surprise him.  (Here’s a video.)

2.  A guy in North Carolina risked his own safety after he saw a deer with a bucket stuck on its head.  He managed to yank it off, and someone’s security cam got it on video.  The deer was fine and ran away.

3.  A family from Florida just got their dog back four years after they had to give him to a shelter.  His name is Cubby.  They moved to Japan in 2019 and couldn’t take him along.  But a few months ago, he showed up at a vet in Upstate New York, and they scanned his microchip.

He’d obviously been living on his own for a while.  And he’d been hit by a car, but wasn’t seriously hurt.  So the vet got in touch with the original owners . . . found out they were back in the U.S., living in California . . . and Cubby headed home to them last week.