Good News: Summer Camp, Lottery Tickets, and Curing Cancer

Here are a few more Good News stories making the rounds . . .

1.  A major potential breakthrough in the fight against cancer was announced yesterday.  Researchers at City of Hope in Los Angeles came up with a targeted chemotherapy PILL that only attacks the tumor, not your whole body.

They’re testing it on humans now.  But in lab settings, it’s already eradicated a bunch of different cancers, including breast, prostate, brain, skin, and lung cancer.  Experts are saying it could be the “holy grail” of cancer treatments.

2.  A fire department in Georgia hosted a summer camp just for girls.  Over three days, they got to see what it takes to be a firefighter . . . use the hoses and ladders . . . and learn skills like CPR.  One girl said she’d really only thought of firefighting as a man’s job, but feels like she’s “capable of anything” now.

3.  A dad in Missouri bought a lottery ticket on his birthday last month, and won $50,000.  Then he won another hundred bucks when his son said, “I’ll bet $100 you’re lying.”  We’re guessing he won’t be making his son pay up though.