Good News: Smart Dogs, Scared Kittens, and Lots of Christmas Lights

Here are a few more good news stories making the rounds . . .

1.  Firefighters in Phoenix helped rescue a kitten that was trapped in a storm drain for over a week.  Now it sounds like one of them might be adopting it.

2.  A guy in Colorado was fostering a dog, and came up with a fun way to get it adopted.  To make it stand out, he taught the dog to balance random things on its head . . . including a muffin . . . a loaf of bread . . . and a half-gallon of milk.  He posted a video online and immediately found it a forever home.

3.  A guy in Australia had a dream a few years ago that he won the lottery.  He remembered the numbers on the winning ticket in his dream.  So he’s been using them as real lottery numbers ever since . . . and now they just hit in real life.  On Sunday, he won $3.4 MILLION.

4.  Back in 2014, a guy in Paramus, New Jersey named John Russo was battling throat cancer.  And he told his girlfriend that if he beat it, he’d celebrate with a huge Christmas light display.

He beat cancer a year later, and followed through with it.  And now it’s a tradition.  He just posted a video of this year’s computerized display that’s set to music and 40 minutes long.  He’s currently running it five to six hours a day, seven days a week.