Good News: Runaway Reindeer, Slippery Soap, and Another Secret Millionaire

Here are a few more Good News stories making the rounds . . .

1.  Two of Santa’s reindeer got loose at an event in England the other day, but they’re back home safe and sound.  Blitzen and a lesser-known, B-list reindeer named Blue ran off, and a highway had to be shut down in both directions.

The road reopened three hours later, and the reindeer were back home a day later.  Handlers had to bring in a third reindeer to calm them down.  No word on that one’s name . . . but we’re guessing it was Rudolph.

2.  A historic building in Canada had to be moved in order to save it and give it a new foundation.  And a construction crew did it with the help of 700 bars of soap.

The building weighs over 200 tons, or almost half-a-million pounds.  So they used Ivory soap to help the building glide across a steel frame.  The foreman joked that clean-up after the job was easy . . . they just washed their hands.

3.  Two years ago, an extremely frugal guy in Indiana named Terry Kahn passed away with $13 million in the bank.  And he left it all to charity, but didn’t say which one.  His will just said give it to charity, so his lawyer stepped up to help.

He started cold-calling charities and asking them, “What would YOU do with $1 million?”  Around a dozen different nonprofits will now split the money, including groups that help teachers, veterans, and victims of domestic violence.

(There was a similar story last month about a very frugal guy in New Hampshire who passed away with $3.8 million.  He donated it all to help improve his hometown.)