Good News: Puppies, Proposals, and Make-a-Wish

Here are a few more good news stories making the rounds . . .

1.  An 85-year-old guy recently surprised his wife by re-proposing to her at Disney World.  Their names are Ted and Dorris, and they’ve been married 60 years.  Their daughter got the whole thing on video.  (Here’s the footage.)

2.  This is kind of a good news / bad news one:  The bad news is Make-A-Wish is changing its policy, so having cystic fibrosis won’t automatically qualify kids for a wish anymore.  The good news is it’s because treatments for it have gotten so good, it’s not nearly as deadly as it used to be.

3.  A woman in Oklahoma named Mitzi Brogdon was driving when she saw a sad dog standing alone in a parking lot.  So she pulled over . . . started following it . . . and it led her to SIXTEEN PUPPIES that here hiding under a tree.

The dog is now named Dolly.  It turned out the puppies were from three different litters.  So she’d been taking care of about a dozen that weren’t even her own.

Mitzi happens to be the director of a group called Street Dog Rescue & Recovery.  So Dolly and all 16 puppies are being put up for adoption.  (Here’s a photo.)