Good News: Puppies, Nurses, and Halloween Decorations

Here are a few more Good News stories making the rounds . . .

1.  Nice reminder about priorities:  A woman in South Carolina named Salena Webb loves Halloween and put a bunch of decorations in her yard this year, including a fake coffin.  But she ended up removing it.  Here’s why . . .

A neighbor stopped by last week to let her know his dad just got a CANCER diagnosis.  And they both agreed he might not want to see a COFFIN outside his window every day right now.

She said she thought about the bigger picture and decided to get rid of it.  Quote, “Kindness is free, and compassion goes a long way.  (Here’s a video.)

2.  A wiener dog in the U.K. named Winnie may have set a new record for her breed after giving birth to 11 puppies at once.  They all survived, and Winnie is going great.  The overall record is 24.  But that was a mastiff, which are much bigger.  11 for a wiener dog is a LOT of babies.  (Here’s a photo.)

3.  30 years ago, a woman in West Africa had been in labor for FOUR DAYS, and needed a C-section or she’d die.  But she couldn’t afford it.  It cost around $100.

Luckily, a 22-year-old nurse from New Zealand named Aly Hogarth-Hall was there volunteering, and convinced a British doctor to do the surgery.  He even paid for it.  It saved the woman’s life, and her child’s life.

It’s in the news because Aly just saw her again for the first time in three decades.  They’re both volunteering on a boat run by a Christian charity called Mercy Ships.  It’s like a floating hospital for third-world countries.  (Here a video.)