Good News: Proposals, Random Phone Numbers, and Thanksgiving Dinner

Here are a few more Good News stories making the rounds . . .

1.  Some guy got arrested for trying to climb the Eiffel Tower on Thursday.  An eyewitness said he had a sign that read, “Free Billie Eilish“.  (A guy with a similar sign got arrested in April after scaling a news tower in L.A.)

Firefighters helped him down, so he wasn’t hurt.  And here’s a fun twist:  His stunt ended up leading to a surprise proposal.

All the stairwells were shut down while they dealt with the climber, so a bunch of tourists were stuck at the top.  One of them was a guy from D.C. named Amir Khan, who was there with his girlfriend.

He’d been planning to propose later that night, but decided it was meant to be.  She said yes.  (Here’s a photo.)

2.  Two former strangers in Arizona are planning to have Thanksgiving together again this year.  Back in 2016, Wanda Dench tried to text her grandson, but ended up inviting a random high-school kid named Jamal Hinton instead.  This will be their eighth Thanksgiving in a row together.

3.  A three-year-old girl named Journey is now the youngest person to visit all 63 national parks.  It started after her parents took her to Yosemite when she was just six months old.  (Is she even old enough to remember any of it though?)

4.  A woman in Rhode Island hit the lottery for $87,000 by using the last four digits in the lottery headquarters’ phone number . . . 6-5-0-0.  She says whenever she gets a feeling about a set of numbers, she plays them, and it’s worked before.  She also won $20,000 about a month ago.