Here are a few more good news stories making the rounds . . .

1.  In health news:  A new blood test that detects more than 50 different types of cancer just got cleared for use.  Experts say it could help diagnose people earlier and save a lot of lives.

2.  A photographer from Texas was in San Francisco last week and happened to get photos of a guy proposing to his girlfriend on the beach.  So the photographer posted a few shots on Twitter to track them down and found them in three hours.

3.  A high school valedictorian in New Jersey named Bryce Dershem got CENSORED by the school’s principal this month while giving a speech at graduation.

Bryce was talking about how hard it was to come out of the closet in high school.  At that point, the principal cut the mic and took Bryce’s notes.  But Bryce finished the speech anyway from memory.  And at the end, got a standing ovation.

4.  An animal shelter in Cincinnati threw a birthday party for a 19-year-old cat.  A video they posted blew up on TikTok.  So someone adopted him immediately . . . but had to promise they’ll throw him a 20th birthday party next year.