Good News: Prom Kids, Single Moms, and a Very Overdue Library Book

Here are a few more Good News stories making the rounds . . .

1.  Two high school kids in Indianapolis met after they were both diagnosed with bone cancer . . . and just went to prom together.  The best news is she finished her last round of chemo in October, and he’s now been in remission for two years.

2.  Someone in northern California returned a library book that was almost 100 years overdue.  The last time it was checked out was in 1927, so 96 years ago.  The library decided to waive the fine.  They say it would have been $1,700.

3.  Did you catch this Mother’s Day story last week?  Latina Edge is a single mom and traffic cop in Detroit.  She was working last weekend when a TikToker walked up and gave her $500, along with tickets to a Tigers game.

He got her supervisor to give her the rest of the day off so she could go, and the video went viral.  But it didn’t end there.  A few days later, he showed up again to take her to another game for an even bigger surprise.

They brought her on the field . . . said he’d secretly started a GoFundMe . . . and told her people had donated $50,000.

(Here’s that video.)