Good News: Prisoner Swaps, Baby Showers, and Second Weddings

Here are a few more Good News stories making the rounds . . .

1.  A 26-year-old couple in England got married last month.  Then three weeks later, they drove halfway across the U.K. to have a second wedding, just so the bride’s 91-year-old grandmother could be there for it.  She has Alzheimer’s and couldn’t make it to their first ceremony.

2.  A guy in New Jersey named Gabriel Nuez is about to be a dad.  And his coworkers recently threw him a big surprise baby shower at work with balloons and cake.  A video of him walking in is making the rounds online.

3.  Five Americans detained in Iran for years got released in a big prisoner swap yesterday.  They flew to Qatar, and were set to arrive back on U.S. soil sometime last night.

One of them is a 51-year-old businessman named Siamak Namazi.  (SEE-uh-mack Nuh-MAH-zee).  They arrested him in 2015 and accused him of spying, so he’d been in jail for eight years.  He issued a statement thanking his supporters for not letting the world forget about him.