Good News: Post-Thanksgiving Round-Up

Here are a few good news stories making the rounds after the big Thanksgiving weekend . . .

1.  Remember the Arizona grandma who accidentally texted a Thanksgiving invite to a random high-school kid in 2016?  They just had dinner together for the seventh year in a row, and they’re also business partners now.  They’re involved with a probiotic drinking water brand called Black MP.

2.  A catering company in New York served Thanksgiving dinner to random passengers on a subway train in Brooklyn.  Someone posted a few videos of it on Instagram.

3.  An NYPD cop spent Thanksgiving with a 59-year-old woman he gave a kidney to in 2018.  It was anonymous, but they bonded through letters over the years.

4.  People are calling this a Thanksgiving miracle:  A 28-year-old guy fell off a Carnival cruise ship in the Gulf of Mexico last Wednesday night.  And he wasn’t reported missing until noon on Thursday.

But the Coast Guard did a huge search-and-rescue mission and FOUND him.  He’d been treading water for 15 hours and had hypothermia, but he’s okay.  One official said it’s the longest they’ve seen someone survive under those conditions.