Good News: Pilots, Drones, and Slip ‘N Slides

Here are a few more Good News stories making the rounds . . .

1.  A cop in Little Rock, Arkansas beat the heat the other day by asking some kids if he could give their Slip ‘N Slide a go.

2.  Two pilots broke a world record and raised $25,000 for charity by flying to all of the lower 48 states in 48 hours.  They landed and took off at each spot.  They flew over 5,000 miles in 44 hours and 7 minutes.

3.  A teenager and his drone saved two people in Colorado last weekend.  He spotted their Jeep upside down in a sinkhole that was filling with water.

His uncle was with him and happens to be a firefighter.  So he called it in, and both people made it out.  It turned out they’d only been there 15 minutes, and had about six inches of air before they would have drowned.