Good News: Piggy Banks, Cake Pans, and Creative Husbands

Here are a few more good news stories making the rounds . . .

1.  How’s this for karma?  13 years ago, a five-year-old girl in Canada named Juliette Lamour heard about the 2010 earthquake that rocked Haiti.  So she donated all the money in her piggy bank to the Red Cross . . . $61.38.

Cut to 2023:  Juliette recently turned 18 years old . . . bought her very first lottery ticket . . . and just won $48 MILLION.  They presented her with her giant check last week.  (Here’s a photo, and here she is as a kid.)

2.  A guy in Kansas saved a tiny dog after its leash got caught in some elevator doors, and it’s all on video.  His nose was buried in his phone when he walked up and pushed the button.  So it took him several seconds to even notice the dog hanging there.  Luckily, its leash was attached to its harness, not its collar.

3.  Firefighters in Pennsylvania helped a two-year-old girl who got a cake pan stuck over her head.  They had to cut it off with tin snips, and her mom found the whole thing hilarious.

4.  People are saying this guy should go on “Shark Tank” with this idea:  A husband in Dallas wanted to help his pregnant wife sleep better.  She likes sleeping on her stomach, but couldn’t for obvious reasons.

So he bought a memory foam mattress topper . . . cut a big hole in it for her belly . . . and put it on top of their bed.  People online were so impressed, he’s now patented the idea, and he’s accepting pre-orders on eBay.  (Here’s his video.)