Here are a few more good news stories making the rounds . . .

1.  A McDonald’s manager in Detroit saved a guy whose blood sugar got dangerously low.  The man’s wife pulled up to the drive-thru and said she needed an orange juice ASAP because her husband was in diabetic shock.  The manager is James Dalpiaz, and his aunt has diabetes.  So he knew to add extra sugar to the O.J. . . . sprinted to their car with it . . . and the guy’s okay.

2.  A couple in England met and fell in love because of a weird phone number mix-up.  The woman got a new number, and the guy got her old one.  So their Snapchat accounts became linked, and she was getting messages from his friends.

She sent a text to her old number to iron it out.  Then they started chatting . . . eventually started dating . . . and just got MARRIED this summer.

3.  Two men in New Hampshire saved a 97-year-old woman on Friday by picking her up in her chair and carrying her out of a burning house.  One was her neighbor, who then had a HEART ATTACK.  But a woman who stopped to help did CPR, and he’s okay.

4.  Police near Flint, Michigan saved seven squirrels whose tails got tangled together.  That can happen with baby squirrels that share a nest, and there’s even a term for it.

A group of squirrels with their tails tangled is called a “squirrel king.”  And this one might be a record.  Wikipedia keeps a running list of squirrel king incidents that goes back to 1989.  According to that list, the previous record was six squirrels.