Good News: Painting “Rainbow” Houses for Free, and White Rhinos Return

Here are a few more Good News stories making the rounds . . .

1.  An artist in the U.K. named Tash Frootko has been going up and down city streets, offering to paint houses for FREE.  She uses a different bright color for every house, which makes the streets look like rainbows.

But it’s also increasing the home values . . . by around 30%.  She started doing this five years ago, and has done over 130 houses so far.  (Here’s a video.)

2.  A woman in Phoenix named Cynthia Scott spent half of her life addicted to drugs . . . she was a heroin addict for 23 years, and went to jail 17 times.

Now, she owns several businesses, including a clothing store that donates 55 cents of every purchase toward helping clothe other women, who are just getting out of prison, battered homes, and sober living.

3.  The University of Maryland Baltimore held a “graduation” ceremony . . . for service and therapy dogs.

4.  White rhinos are finally returning to the Democratic Republic of the Congo.  16 southern white rhinos have been reintroduced to the area . . . 17 years after the last white rhino in the area was poached in 2006.