Good News: Old Coats, Loyal Dogs, and a Message in a Bottle

Here are a few more good news stories making the rounds . . .

1.  Someone in Canada saw a fur coat at a thrift store, and bought it for their friend, who loved it.  Then she loved it even more when she found her late grandmother’s initials monogrammed on the inside.  It must have been donated after the grandmother passed away in 2005.  She says it fits perfect.

2.  Here’s another weird coincidence:  A woman in Florida was helping with a post-Hurricane Ian beach clean-up two weeks ago . . . found a message in a bottle buried in the sand . . . and her son knew the person who left it there.  Three siblings buried it in the sand 22 years ago.  One was a guy who went to college with her son.  They also worked together at DHL for a while.

3.  An 84-year-old guy in Mexico went for a walk on November 27th, and was lost out in the desert for a week.  But he’s okay after his dog tracked him down two miles from his home.  Trained sniffer dogs couldn’t find him, but his own dog did.

4.  Judges in Butte, Montana are letting people pay certain fines this month by donating canned goods to food banks.  They can get up to $150 in fines removed by showing up with 30 cans of food.