Good News: Nurses, Twins, and Extremely Long Odds

Here are a few more Good News stories making the rounds . . .

1.  A 51-year-old guy in England needed a new kidney, and the odds of finding a match weren’t good, 1 in 22 million.  But amazingly, he got a transplant last month . . . after it turned out his wife was a match.  They joked that they had a better chance of winning the lottery.

2.  A nurse in Virginia retired last month after working in the same unit for 33 years.  A coworker got video of everyone cheering as she clocked out for the very last time.

3.  School starts back up in the U.K. this month too.  And elementary school teachers at a district in Scotland have their hands full . . . with 17 new sets of twins arriving this year.  (Here’s a photo with 14 sets of twins pictured.)

They’re all from an area called Inverclyde that’s known for cranking out twins.  17 in one year isn’t even the record.  Eight years ago, the same school district welcomed 19 new sets of twins.