Good News: Nurses, Turtles, and Professional Wrestlers

Here are a few more Good News stories making the rounds . . .

1.  Transit employees saved a turtle that wandered onto some train tracks in San Francisco the other day.  An eagle-eyed train operator spotted it and called it in.

2.  A nurse named Emily Raines was flying home to Baltimore after a vacation in the Bahamas with her boyfriend, who also used to be a nurse.  And they ended up saving another passenger’s life.

The guy collapsed and turned purple.  But they kept doing CPR until he finally came back seven minutes before their flight landed.  They say they got a lot of high fives from other people on board.

3.  A 23-year-old woman in Arizona posted an emotional video last month, after her mom accidentally donated her $3,700 Canon camera to Goodwill.  And before she could get it back, someone bought it for 70 bucks.  But after the video went viral, her local news did a story.  And the couple who bought it came forward.

She offered a $500 reward, but they didn’t want it even though they’ve been having money issues.  So she reached out to Canon, and the company stepped up.  They gave the couple another camera to replace the one they returned.

4.  A lawyer in Indiana recently lost 140 pounds . . . so he could pursue his childhood dream of being a professional wrestler.

He’s been competing on a minor circuit under the wrestling name “Warren C. Freiberg the Third, Esquire.”  (???)  His finishing move is called “The Closing Argument.”

Last month, he beat another wrestler named “Meat Hooks” and won his first championship belt.  (Here are some photos.)