Good News: New Homes, New Grads, and a Much-Needed Hug

 Here are a few more Good News stories making the rounds . . .

1.  A 43-year-old guy in California tried to rob a bank last week.  But another customer ended it with a hug.  69-year-old Michael Armus Sr. recognized the guy as a former neighbor who was friends with his daughter.  He walked up and got him to go outside.  Then they hugged and waited for the cops to show up.

2.  A billionaire named Robert Hale Jr. spoke at UMass Boston’s graduation last Thursday . . . and surprised 2,500 students by giving them $1,000 each.  So, a total of $2.5 MILLION.  He had one condition though.  He asked them to give half to a family member, or someone who’s helped them get where they are today.

3.  26 high-schoolers in Michigan spent their school year building someone a new home.  The school does it every year to give real-world experience to kids who want to learn a trade.  It also ends up providing a family with affordable housing.

It’s around 1,400 square feet, and they built the whole thing at their campus.  A flatbed truck just moved it to a lot a half-mile away.  It cost $100,000 to build, and it’ll be priced around $170,000.  (Here’s a photo.)