Good News: New Friends, Old Bowlers, and a Valentine’s Day Round-Up

Here are a few more good news stories making the rounds . . .

1.  A mom in Missouri went on Facebook looking to PAY someone to hang out with her 24-year-old son who has Down syndrome.  But instead, tons of people got in touch and said they’d love to be his friend.  He’s into video games, so a nonprofit got involved on Saturday, and gave him a new 65-inch TV.  Now he keeps asking his parents if they’re jealous, because he has so many friends.

2.  A TV station in Chicago did a story on a guy named Ed Berthold, who’s still bowling at age 103.  He was a pilot in World War Two and got stranded in Iceland.  So he and his buddies passed the time by bowling on ice.  Now he’s still at it 80 years later.

3.  A bunch of Valentine’s Day stories have been rolling in:  A couple on Long Island renewed their wedding vows after 72 years of marriage . . .

A couple in Phoenix officially called off their divorce on Valentine’s Day, and decided they’re not “giving up on love” yet.

A couple in Georgia released footage from their Ring doorbell camera that’s caught every major milestone in their relationship . . . from their first date to the guy carrying the woman across the threshold after they got married.

4.  And if you’ve never heard this story, it’s nuts:  A couple in Allentown, Pennsylvania named Tony and Frances Toto are celebrating 57 years of marriage this year . . . even though Frances hired a hitman to kill Tony back in 1983.

They actually tried multiple times using a car bomb, a baseball bat, sleeping pills, and a gun.  He survived a shot to the chest and one to the HEAD.  But the first thing he did after 12 days in the hospital was bail her out of jail.

She spent four years behind bars, and they talked on the phone every day.  Tony admits he wasn’t the greatest husband, and they weren’t communicating well.  But after lots of counseling, they have a great marriage now.

Back in 1990, their story was made into a movie called “I Love You to Death”, starring Kevin Kline and Tracey Ullman.