Good News: Neighbors, The Grinch, and “Canadian Road Rage”

Here are a few more good news stories making the rounds . . .

1.  A Florida cop named Lou Caputo pulled people over this week while dressed as The Grinch . . . and he let them choose between a speeding ticket, or an onion.  He’s been doing it around the holidays for years.

There’s a scene in the Jim Carrey movie where The Grinch eats a raw onion.  Lou doesn’t make people eat it, but sometimes they do anyway.

2.  Speaking of cops:  An officer in L.A. got rear-ended in a serious crash during a traffic stop this week.  But the owner of a hotel nearby was taking a smoke break . . . scaled a fence to get to him . . . keyed the cop’s radio . . . and yelled “officer down.”  He stayed with him until EMTs got there, and the cop’s gonna be okay.

3.  Here’s a good reason to invite your neighbors to your holiday party.  A new study found getting to know your them might help you live longer.

4.  Someone posted a “Canadian road rage” video on Twitter.  It’s a guy running up to someone’s car in a drive-thru lane . . . and clearing all the snow off their back windshield.