Good News: Music, Luck, and America’s Friendliest Cities

Here are a few more good news stories making the rounds . . .

1.  The big Mega Millions drawing was last night, but another lottery story is also in the news.  Someone in Wisconsin hit a $15 million jackpot last week.  And the winning ticket was sold in the town of Luck, Wisconsin.  No one knows who the lucky Luck resident is yet.

2.  A new report ranked the friendliest cities in America.  The top five are Honolulu . . . Newport, Rhode Island . . . New Orleans . . . Chattanooga, Tennessee . . . and Ashville, North Carolina.

3.  A new study found listening to music has probably helped a lot of people deal with pandemic-related stress the last few years, especially when covid first hit.

Quote, “Listening to music in daily life was significantly associated with lower levels of stress during the [lockdowns].”