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Good News: More Big Tips, a Generous Cook, and a Guy’s Apple Watch Saves His Life

Here are a few more good news stories making the rounds . . .

1.  A 60-year-old woman in Miami has been cooking enough to feed 1,000 people a week since the pandemic started.  Her church pays for the ingredients, and she’s been borrowing a truck to haul it all.  So a charity recently stepped in and got her a new car.

2.  A guy in New Hampshire was ice skating all alone on Sunday when he fell through the ice, and he used his Apple Watch to call 911.  Firefighters showed up five minutes later and saved his life.

3.  Two women in Cleveland ordered a bunch of to-go meals from a restaurant, and told the waitress they don’t cook much anymore after their husbands passed away.  So the waitress mentioned she lost HER husband last year . . . and they left her a $2,021 tip.

4.  A single mom at a restaurant in Florida recently got two big tips on the same day.  First, someone left her $1,300.  Then one of her regulars heard about it . . . got competitive . . . and left a $1,500 tip.

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