Good News: Mermaids, Yearbooks, and the Rolling Stones

Here are a few more Good News stories making the rounds . . .

1.  A 78-year-old man in Massachusetts named Tony Palladino is trying to track down the woman who saved his life at a Rolling Stones concert a few weeks ago.

She saw him collapse at the start of their show on May 30th, and climbed over several rows of seats to give him CPR.  Fittingly, the song “Start Me Up” was playing when it happened.

He ended up having a double bypass, and he’s doing great now.  He doesn’t know the woman’s name, but wants to thank her and give her a “very big hug.”

2.  A 22-year-old woman from Utah is officially the fastest mermaid in the world(???)  She recently competed in something called the Merlympics in Switzerland that are held every two years.

She placed 15th overall, but came in first in the 50-meter mermaid swim, setting a new world record at just over 38 seconds.  All events are done while wearing a full mermaid tail.

3.  A 24-year-old guy in Florida named Cade Wessel married his high school sweetheart, six years after predicting it would happen in his yearbook.  They’ve known each other since sixth grade but only started dating senior year.

The quote he chose to run under his senior picture said, “Twenty bucks I marry Sarah Dill.”  He flashed a $20 bill as they walked down the aisle this spring.  (Here’s a photo and a video.)