Here are a few more good news stories making the rounds . . .

1.  An eight-year-old in Washington state made a bunch of keychains . . . sold them for $5 each . . . made FOUR GRAND . . . and used the money to pay off all the lunch debt at his school, and six other schools.

2.  How’s this for karma?  A guy in Phoenix who’d been on dialysis got a new kidney . . . 23 years after he gave someone else a kidney.

3.  “The Washington Post” profiled a 54-year-old guy in D.C. who walks 12 miles a day, and picks up trash just to help out.  He says he usually fills two big garbage bags.

4.  A new survey found most of us think that, in general, people have become kinder during the pandemic.  And one in three say random acts of kindness are contagious.