Good News: Lucky Tacos, Goodwill Finds, and a Runaway Tortoise

Here are a few more Good News stories making the rounds . . .

1.  A 50-pound pet tortoise in Pennsylvania is back home after escaping from his pen for the third time in recent years.  His name is Tank, and he could have died if the temperature dipped too low at night.  He went missing two weeks ago, and made it about two miles before someone spotted him.

2.  A woman in Alabama recently bought a flower sculpture at Goodwill for $40, and it’s actually worth thousands.  It’s by an artist named Frank Fleming.  She donated it to the Birmingham Zoo to auction off.  Last we checked, the top bid was $2,000.

3.  Here’s a good one for National Taco Day:  A couple in California recently got back from a trip overseas, and the wife wanted tacos.  While her husband was getting food from a taco truck, he decided to stop at a gas station across the street . . . bought a lottery ticket . . . and it hit for $1 million.