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Good News: Lottery Tickets, Haircuts, and Sheep

Here are a few more good news stories making the rounds . . .

1.  A 30-year-old woman in Virginia broke a world record by donating 6 feet and 3 inches of her own hair to a charity that’s using it for wigs.  Her dad came up with the idea 17 years ago.  The last time she got a haircut, she was 13.

2.  A 61-year-old guy in Michigan has been playing the same lotto numbers for 30 years.  And they finally hit big for over $18 MILLION.  He says he almost switched to new numbers a while back but decided to stick with his normal ones, and it paid off.  (His winning numbers were 3, 5, 10, 20, 28, and 31.)

3.  A farmer in Australia came up with a unique way to pay tribute to his aunt, who lost her battle to cancer.  He got all of his sheep to line up in the shape of a heart and filmed it with a drone.  He did it by spreading grain out in a field.

4.  We’ve seen a lot of tragic news coming out of Afghanistan in the last week.  But here’s one piece of good news:  A pregnant Afghan woman was evacuated on a U.S. military plane on Saturday . . . and then GAVE BIRTH on the plane.

Her blood pressure dropped.  So the pilot descended to a lower altitude, which helped save the mom’s life.  She decided to name her daughter “Reach,” because the military call sign of the plane that saved her was “Reach 828.”

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