Good News: Lost Wallets, Free Donuts, and Unused Airbnbs

Here are a few more good news stories making the rounds . . .

1.  People on Instagram have been booking Airbnbs in Ukraine, but with no plans to travel there.  They’re doing it just to send money to families who need immediate financial help.

2.  A guy in New York lost his wallet with $4,000 in it in the middle of Times Square last week, but got it back.  Someone gave it to a cop with all the cash still inside.

3.  Here’s your Dad of the Month:  A car crashed into a donut shop in Aurora, Colorado the other day.  And a guy yanked his four-year-old son out of the way just in time.  Now the donut shop is giving the kid one free donut every Saturday for the rest of his life.

4.  The internet is rooting for these two:  Some guy in Pennsylvania was talking to an online support person at Target who lives in California, and they hit it off.  He asked him on a date, and he said yes.  They did a Zoom date over the weekend, and they’re already planning a second date.

5.  A soldier surprised his mom in New York by coming home without telling her.  She works as a waitress.  So he sat down at one of her tables . . . waited for her to notice . . . and got the whole thing on video.  They hadn’t seen each other in eight months, so she freaked.  (She realizes at 1:08.)